Walks, trekking and hikes

Hikes, walks and trekking at Övedskloster

Around Övedskloster there are many excellent paths and trails for beautiful walks. Many of them are easily found and marked with signs.

At Övedskloster it is possible to do easy walks as well as more difficult ones. Close to Övedskloster we offer good parking and the gardens are open every day until 16.

We offer accommodation for walkers and other outdoor tourists in our self-service hostel Stenstallet where you have easy access to the outdoor area and our beautiful surroundings. In Stenstallet you have the possibility to wash clothes and other trekking material. Read more about Stenstallet here.

I Sweden you do not need the owners permission to walk the area but you have to be careful with the environment and leave it the same way as you found it.

If you need more information about hikes, walk and trails around Övedskloster please send us an e-mail to: johanna@remove-this.ovedskloster.com

Eurorando 2016!

In September 2016, between the 10 and the 17 of September it is time for Eurorando 2016. At Övedskloster we are pleased to be a part of this as one of the trails starts, or ends, here. During Eurorando 2016 we offer lunch options and activity options at Övedskloster. These need to be booked in advance through www.eurorando2016.com/book.


You are very welcome to Övedskloster!